4-H Foundation of Alberta Donors

Thank you for your generosity, support, and leadership. We greatly appreciate your investment in Alberta’s youth!

Robert Huff
INSPIRATIONAL GIFTS ($10,000 – $99,999)
Lakedell 4-H Beef Club

Lee and Bonnie Stringer
VISIONARY GIFTS ($5,000 – $9,999)
Smoky River 4-H 4 Ever Club

Susan Church

1605319 Alberta Ltd.
Allard Foundation
Anonymous Donors
Judy and George Andrews
ATCO Electric
ATCO Pipelines
Atkins Veterinary Services Ltd.
Bar C4 Farm Enterprises Ltd.
Judilonne and Fraser Beebe
Benevity Causes
Erik and Lynden Bouw of Bow Island Albert
The Calgary Foundation
CAMA Alberta
Michael and Margaret Carlson
Ronald and Arlane Caruk
David Chalack
Allan W. and Louise J Child
Marj and Shirley Congdon
Kelly and Tim Church
Stan Church
Ryan Davidson
Marie Davis
Cheryl DeLeeuw
Ray Drisdelle
East Ponoka 4-H Beef Club
Federated Co-operatives Ltd.
Peter and Agnes Fehr
Jean Ferguson
Frontstream Inc.
Barry and Michelle Gidosh
Glengary Bison Ltd.
Charlie Gould
Raymond and Julie Gour
Rees Smith and Kari Griffith
Severin and Linda Guilbault
GVIC Communications Corp
Half Hitch Brewing Company
Ashley Halvorson
Candace Halvorson
Andrea Hanson
Dot Hanson
Keith Hanson
Tracy L. Hanson
Ryan Harasimiuk
Kerry Hart
Trevor and Teri Heck
Colin Heppner
Nancy Hewlett
Tim and Deb Hofstra
Kim Horn
Wayne and Laura Lee Hrabok
Brian Huisman
Grace Huisman
Kristina Huisman
Finn and Beatrice Jakobsen
Allen Johnson
Keith Jones
Leah Jones
KPMG Foundation
Lakeway Farms Ltd.
Dave Lantz
Ronald E and Diane T Law
Lorne and Sharon Lawrence
Roger and Malora Lee
Glenn Logan
Keith Luft
Bernard and Laura McGowan
Marjorie G McKinnon
Brian McLaren
Debbie McMann
Chahira Merarsi
Charles D. McNiven
James and Catherine McNiven
Richard and Sharon McNiven
Blair and Lois McRae
Thomas and Janette Moran
Mountain View Events Ltd.
Oriole O’Dwyer
PaSu Farms
Nicola and Robert Peltzer
Brenda Ralston
Debora L. Rice
Rimbey 4-H Club
Leo and Moira Robbins

Judith and Kenneth Rodney
Geoffrey Rohleder
Neal and Margaret Ronald
Ruth E Rutley
Natasha M. Santelli
Sheila Harper and Linda Schickerowski
Cathy Schnell
Russell and Deanna Schultz
Daniel and Anna Schwizer
SemCAMS Midstream ULC
Everett and Marylee Simanton
H. Alan and June Simon
Sinopec Daylight Energy Ltd.
Don Smallwood
Joan Smallwood
Don Sproule
St. Aidan’s Church
Marguerite Stark
Janice Stemo
Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation
Stone Family Foundation
Gwen Stone
Van Dijk Dairy Ltd.
Marion van Sluys
Heather Trotz
United Way
J.C. Wagner
Glen Weins
The Wensman Family
Randy and Colleen Whittal
Henry Wiegman
Robert and Donna Wilshusen
Wilkinson Farms Inc.
Marilyn J. Williams
Rick Wilson
Maarten and Johanna Wouters
Robert and Frances Wright
James and Phyllis Yarham
Stephanie Lynn Yates
Rodney and Diane York
Karin Younghans
Victoria Zimmer
Zimmer Holsteins Ltd.

In Memory of Ted Lawrence Andrew

In Memory of Dean Chessor

In Memory of Hank Domolewski

In Memory of Jason Fawcett

In Memory of Iva Graham

In Memory of Robert Knight

In Memory of Bruce Lowey

In Memory of Les Usher

In Memory of Steve West

In Memory of Donald Wright