4-H in Alberta – Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

On behalf of 4-H in Alberta:
We wish to provide you with the latest update regarding 4-H in Alberta’s response to Coronavirus COVID-19 and its effect on 4-H programming in Alberta.
After careful consideration and review, a decision has been made that all
4-H sanctioned activities and events in Alberta scheduled to take place between Friday, March 13, 2020 and Tuesday, April 14, 2020 inclusive are to be suspended
effective immediately. This includes club, district, region, and provincial level events and programs.

While the risk of contracting COVID-19 in Alberta remains low according to Alberta Health, the safety of our young members, families, volunteers, and stakeholders is and always will be our top priority.
We feel this is the best decision to keep our program a vibrant, safe, and inclusive environment for our youth. We will continue to closely monitor this situation as it evolves, and will share updated information about any further cancelations, rescheduling or resumption of activities and events through our digital channels and on our website.
While public 4-H events and programs are currently suspended, the Alberta 4-H offices remain open and business being conducted virtually (webinars, conference calls, etc.) will continue as scheduled. Once 4-H activities and programs are considered safe to resume as usual, we will explore how and when to reschedule the ones we suspended and at this time engage and recognize our sponsors and partners as we have done so in the past.
We greatly appreciate your continued support in this difficult and atypical time. We know your organization – like ours – is being challenged to keep up with this very fluid situation and to protect the health and safety of your workers and their families. We believe that through this crisis the leadership in making the tough decisions we are all having to make, will bring our communities closer together. We hope it will also create an enhanced appreciation of 4-H’s mission to prepare our youth to be the responsible, caring, and contributing leaders of tomorrow.
We look forward to keeping you updated on any next steps and developments.
Please feel free to contact Bianca von Nagy, 4-H Foundation of Alberta Director of Development at bvonnagy@4HAB.com if you have any questions. For more information about 4-H Alberta’s response to COVID-19, please review the communication on our website https://www.4h.ab.ca/About/COVID-19.html  or reach us on  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube @4halbert

Best regards,
4-H in Alberta